Baby on the Way!

Arlette and Anthony got the best news that they could possibly get this summer. There will be a new addition to their beautiful family of three! When I got the call from Arlette to be the photographer for the announcement photos, I was so excited for them! We met at Kraft Azalea Gardens in Winter Park. It was beautiful outside considering the bipolar-ness that is Florida’s weather! They all looked amazing, from Arlette and Anthony’s matching white outfits to Brianna’s custom-made yellow tutu and sunflower headband. Even the family dog, Baby, had her very own pink tutu and pearl collar which was by far the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time!

They also brought four balloons that symbolized something dear to them. The three white balloons were for two babies that they’ve lost to miscarriages and one for the baby they’re about to welcome into to world. The pink one is for Brianna, they’re beautiful 10 year old daughter.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of their journey thus far, witnessing all the love pouring in from their family and friends for this little baby. It’s experiences like these that help you gain a better appreciation for those around you and I couldn’t be any happier them!











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