Hello Queen

Jeaiza, who also goes by the nickname Jay, is a plus size blogger and youtuber who talks about things like health, beauty, and social issues that a lot of people are too afraid to tackle. Her blog Helloqueen.me sends the message of self empowerment for those who are “different” and battle with trying to live up to societal expectations. She has thousands of followers on social media, from instagram to twitter, and is known for never biting her tongue and saying exactly what is on everyone else’s minds.

When she approached me to create something with her, I did not hesitate. She flew out from Houston TX to Orlando FL and we got to work on her vision. She wanted something bold in color to match her personality. We drove around East Orlando in search of a vibrant wall for the backdrop. We found really dope graffiti on East Colonial Dr and snapped some quick shots. She also wanted a few shots showing a softer side. We chose Lake Lily Park as our second location for a much greener backdrop.

These are the results!














Follow her and subscribe to her channel at:

instagram: @helloqueendom

twitter: @helloqueendom

youtube: HelloQueen


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